Nature & landscapes

Escape the city

Breath, walk in the fields, in the forest. Look at the sky, then down to your feet. Start walking again.

Thats’s how we can resume our adventure when we decide to go green during the weekend. It’s about taking the time to appreciate the weather, rainy or sunny, and allowing yourself to enjoy simple things.

Reed sunset

Cherry flower
Irish tree

If I have one advice, what would it be ? I think a good one is to stroll in the garden, once during the day, once at sunset. It is a good way to understand how the elements change between these two moments. Normal, the light decreases. Your perception adapts differently, you see a bit less and the contrast between the trees and the sky gets stronger. All of this is a amazing playground for photographers. I like it a lot, even if I don’t take time lately to do so !

Sunset cherry tree
Shadow of a leaf
Blooming tree
Gul in Ireland
Gul in Dublin

Take a closer look

Now let’s speak about the details. Close photography or macro photography. At first it might seem simple to do. But it is not. In fact it is the total opposite. Taking a nice shot of a flower is hard, because you need to deal with mother nature. There is always some wind around, which makes the flowers dancing arount all the time. And this is the most frustrating part of macro photography. You always loose the focus on what you shoot ! So it is very common that you need retry and retry again until you finally achieve what you want !

Daisy flowers

Maybe one of my preferred photo. It makes me think about the Van Gogh Sunny flower painting. Even if here I decided to turn it in Black and white.

Palm tree

Palm trees are great subject for photography. They are very graphic, they fit easily to the frame.

Play with shadows

It is not because you are taking a picture of grass or trees or flowers that you cannot give some dark side to your photos. Instead of going for sunny and top bright compisitions, given them deepness by adding black to the background. Then you will see, it will turn your creation into a totally different level.

Leaves and stripes
Dark grass

Not enough light

For the following ones, I used an external flash. I tried to take pictures of flower aften the sunset. Imagine how hard it was…

Flash on a weeping willow